UX Chunks Notion Manual for Product Designers, UX/UI

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UX Chunks is the Notion manual that provides a complete solution for professionals in the product design and UX/UI industry through detailed industry-standard step-by-step guides to help designers deliver high-end experiences.

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Take control of your product design process

Save months of work and destroy any doubts about UX activities and product design processes. This meticulous collection of industry-level guides is made to boost your productivity and gain confidence by following proven and easy-to-follow steps without consuming valuable time.

⟡ Standardized Structure
Clear explanations and step-by-step walkthroughs jam-packed with powerful and detailed examples.

⟡ No Note-taking
Everything is already super organized, summarized, and built to deliver quality faster.

Theoretical & Practical
Learn the why behind UX work and understand complex activities quickly, straight to the point.

100% Result Focused
The era of struggling with what and how to approach your next project has definitely ended.

⟡ Bite-sized learning
The human brain is not designed to stay focused for hours, so every page is made of easily manageable and concise blocks.

⟡ Unlimited updates
Receive every future refinement and expansion by simply replacing the whole Notion manual.

Polish your process, offer new services, or train your team.

One-time payment, no recurring fees, and lifetime updates.

Save your valuable time and jump straight into practice with the UX Chunks Notion manual. Made by designers for designers (and product teams).

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Streamline your work and elevate your process by relying on detailed guides on Notion regarding every aspect of Product Design & UX/UI industry instead of taking years crafting notes and procedures on your own. With this purchase you will get:

Notion Pages
Product design activities
UX Notion Templates (Deliverables)
Audio Bites
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UX Chunks Notion Manual for Product Designers, UX/UI

48 ratings
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