UX/UI GPT Prompts for Whiteboard Challenge

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The #1 Most Comprehensive Set of UX/UI Whiteboard Challenge Prompts for Product Designers.

Tailored for whiteboard challenges and thoughtfully designed to boost your problem-solving skills, this set of prompts will dissect your problem, generate, and solve ideas using the power of AI, all into one organized Notion template.

✔︎ Stay One Step Ahead: With only a few tailored prompts you will quickly learn the process of investigating and breaking down virtually ANY problem, ideating realistic design solutions and getting direction on what to build: the most important skills of experienced product designers (UX/UI).

✔︎ No More Fight or Flight Mode: With these unique prompts, you'll be able to navigate your next whiteboard challenge without hustle and frustration, having a clear course of action.

✔︎ Prompt Your Way Out: Instead of spending time in a back-and-forth trying to distil information from ChatGPT and wondering what to ask or do next, all the information you need is only one copy-paste away.

✔︎ Complete your Challenge on FigmJam: Our prompts shine when used alone, but for the ultimate experience, pair them with our FREE FigJam template. Fill stickies, visualize ideas on an impact/effort matrix, and design artefacts that transform concepts into tangible realities.

Free FigJam WC Template

⚡️ Kickstart your next Product Designer role, or simply solve problems with faster and better reasoning

If you're familiar with the fast-paced world of Whiteboard Challenges, you already know they're often the benchmark for showcasing your design skills during interviews. That's because they are the most complete and common form of problem-solving practice within a limited amount of time. The UX Chunks team is committed to facilitating the learning process behind problem-solving, offering a standardized way to approach and solve design challenges.

👉 What You'll Achieve

✦ Standard Structure & Consistent Insights Without Noisy Outputs
Gain super-structured content by removing unnecessary discursive elements, ensuring clarity with consistent bullet points, and employing fixed formulas for precise and straightforward outputs.

✦ Strategy: Discover the 'Why', 'Who', and 'When and Where'
Understand the reason of being behind the problem (why), learn more about the audience (who), and uncover their context (when and where) to further generate needs and pain points, then, craft a clear research hypothesis.

✦ Scope: Obtain and Prioritize Ideas for Business Opportunities
Generate an array of realistic ideas, compare and weigh them by getting instructions on where to place them on an impact effort matrix, and brainstorm potential KPIs that align with the proposed solutions.

✦ Surface: Visualize your solution with storyboards, user flows, sketches and wireframes
Get clear suggestions on how to produce a visual outcome that would solve your initial problem and help to rapidly bring your concepts to the design phase.

❓ What's inside?

➤ A Total of 10 Powerful Prompts to Solve Any Whiteboard Challenge
Say goodbye to overwhelming bundles of 100+ prompts that claim to do it all but often fall short. These ten prompts are made for both teams and solo designers, being exactly what you need to get consistent and effective responses at every stage of your Whiteboard Challenge; perfect for use with ChatGPT or any other text-based AI.

➤ 32 Fictional Briefs

Are you looking to practice your product design skills or experiment with prompts? With your purchase, we provide 32 diverse fictional briefs covering Wellness, Sustainable Living, Automotive, Social Networking, Finance, Health & Fitness, Entertainment, E-Commerce, Smart Home, Transportation, Productivity, Education, Communication, Fintech, Travel, and News & Media.

➤ Whiteboard Challenge Figma Template

Check out our Figma Template – a FREE and publicly available resource on the Figma Community that will complement your experience and boost your UX/UI and problem-solving practice. Just like prompts, we have a template to tackle the challenge by yourself and another one to do it with your team.

🎨 Fly to the Design Stage Without Delay

While collaborative brainstorming sessions remain crucial to building something great, these prompts act as a springboard, ensuring your thought process has a solid starting point. Whether working solo or with other team members, rest assured that the insights provided by these prompts will significantly boost your efficiency and creativity, highly reducing the gap between solution discovery and design.

💡 Unveil Assumptions Faster and Break Free from Test Anxiety

Every Whiteboard Challenge should be a fun and engaging place where creativity flourishes, innovative ideas come to life, and collaborative problem-solving thrives. In this environment, stress and time-consuming practices should be left behind.

⚔️ Ten Prompts to Rule Them All

Conquer any design challenge with our meticulously crafted prompts, organized neatly to get laser-focused and concise answers, ensuring a consistent, high-quality output from start to finish. Get your copy today.

Future Updates: If we release new and improved prompts, you'll get free updates to keep your Whiteboard Challenge toolkit up-to-date.

Did You Know? These prompts are also available inside the UX Chunks Notion Manual, the largest comprehensive guide of all things UX/UI, providing in-depth insights into design strategies, industry-standard procedures and tons of Notion templates ready to export as deliverables for your projects.

Special Offer: If you initially purchase the prompts, you're eligible for a discounted price on the UX Chunks manual - just shoot us an email.

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Our prompts act as catalysts, accelerating your product design solutions while ensuring consistent, high-quality outcomes.

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UX/UI GPT Prompts for Whiteboard Challenge

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